CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

What is a CSA?

  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way for consumers to connect directly with farmers. It allows the consumer to get fresh, in-season, locally grown produce weekly throughout the growing season. 

Individuals or families purchase a “share” up front, usually in the spring. This share equates to a weekly “box” of produce, grown on the farm, for a set number of weeks. This relationship benefits both the farmer and the consumer. 

Why a CSA?

  There are multiple reasons why a CSA is a great choice. 

· The produce is fresh (it is harvested either the day before, or the day you receive it)

· Most varieties we grow are not the grocery store standards, so you get unique and delicious flavors, colors and textures. 

· You get to support a local farmer growing without the use of chemicals and have the opportunity to visit the farm and see exactly where and how it’s being grown.

2018 Fall CSA

The sign-up window for the fall CSA ends on Sunday 8/26.   

A small share will provide fresh produce for a single person or couple to have a fresh vegetable or fruit daily. A large share will provide enough for a family of four (or someone who eats a fair amount of fresh produce), allowing at least one meal a day to include a fresh vegetable. 

Pricing and CSA window 

The fall CSA begins the last week of August and ends the last Tuesday of October, for a total of 10 weeks. 

The cost of a small fall share is $150 and a large is $250

The prices work out to $15/week for the small and $25/week for the large.


When and Where can I pick up my produce box?  

Our main pick up site will be available on Tuesdays in Brier Creek (the parking lot of 7990 Arco Corporate drive, Raleigh, behind Dicks Sporting Goods).  

Pick up will also be available at the farm (2503 Joyner rd Durham )on Thursdays between 4pm and 6pm.